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The Alpine Car Audio System Range: Alpine Car Stereo System Reviews

Alpine car stereos have been some of the best audio systems money can buy.  Since 1978, they have been one of the leaders in new technology in all types of vehicle multimedia systems, from car stereos to CD/DVD players to alarms.  No matter which end of the price scale you tend to stick with, Alpine car audio systems are always a sure bet.

In keeping up with the changing times and growing technology, Alpine is now able to offer audio systems that not only accept MP3 and WMA format, but also systems with built-in DVD controls and videogame links.  They have also moved into the realm of satellite radio, GPS, and speaker systems.

If you live in a high-crime rate area, you may be considering a model with an anti-theft device, such as the one that comes with Alpine’s CDA-9887.  This Alpine car stereo system comes with a detachable faceplate.  What happens with a stereo such as this is that if the radio were to be stolen from the vehicle and the faceplate was no where in the car to be found, the radio would be rendered useless.  Each of these faceplates has a specific setup so that they will only work with the radio it was manufactured for and vice versa.  Without the faceplate, there’s no sense in stealing it.  This particular radio, which features a remote control, built-in mute, CD player, steering wheel control ready, and Bluetooth capability, prices at $450.00.  There are other models available with some of the same features for less.

MP3 compatibility seems to be another big step in the car stereo world and Alpine has managed to stay on top of it.  While originally designed to appeal to Apple iPod users, the Alpine iDA-X001 car audio system will also allow users to play music found on their USB thumb drives.  It takes and displays the music selections the same way your iPod does and is satellite radio capable.  By using a USB connection, you can hook up your iPod, iPhone, or USB drive and search through your music by play list, artist, album, song title, genre, or composer.  The radio is also a CD player, has a detachable face plate, and is Bluetooth compatible.  Price from Alpine is $450.00.

While there are other models available from Alpine that do similar things as these two, they are in the lower price range.  Not everyone has the need to purchase a radio with iPod capabilities.  A basic CD player with radio, the Alpine CDE-9872 can also play MP3’s by using a simple attachment that is sold separately.  Price for this model: $150.00.  You still have versatility in your radio with good sound quality and money left in your pocket.

Alpine will continue to be a leader in the electronics field and in car audio systems.  If you purchase one from an authorized Alpine dealer, pay the extra it may cost to have them install the system.  With all the new gadgets available today in vehicle multimedia, it’s best to have the installation done by a professional.

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