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The Alpine Car Speaker Range: Alpine Car Speaker Reviews

When it comes to selecting car speakers, some consumers truly have no idea where to seek out the best equipment and how to locate a bargain. Over the years, it has become increasingly easier to comparison shop and select products without ever leaving the comforts of your home. One of the best ways to pinpoint the car system accessories to match your vehicle is to rely on the advanced technology marketed on the Internet. Today, you can conveniently browse, ponder, and make purchase arrangements across a wide-range of avenues. Alpine car speakers are highly regarded within the car audio industry.

Before you begin a search for car stereo speakers, a couple of factors become an important part of the process. Sound quality, the level of sound production, appearance, and price are all aspects of car speakers that will sway your final decision. Testimonials and reviews of products on the market will also come into play, as you attempt to weigh the pros and cons of each model. When looking for high quality and a good deal, Alpine car speakers have gained a rather steady reputation.

Over time, the Type-S and Type-R series of Alpine car speakers are considered some of the best options in the industry. To get an idea of the kind of Alpine speakers available on the market, don’t forget to browse the following suggestions:

The Alpine SPR-69C car speakers are a 6x9" coaxial two-way Type-R speaker that is sold in most stores and online outlets for about $190. When you are interested in bringing home an Alpine car speaker system, you will find that this model produces an elevated design with an impressive quality of sound. All of this is made possible through the hybrid layered-pulp with mica coating woofer cone and a newer version of a 1" ring tweeter. To enjoy a better experience in tuning, a tweeter adjustment with seven levels is provided. In the end, the brightness and crispness of the sound reproduction has pleased numerous consumers. Additional features for the SPR-69C include enhanced balance and staging; a smoother frequency; and accurate tweeter control.

Another example of rewarding Type-R Alpine car speakers is seen in the Alpine SPR-17S car speaker model – a 6-1/2" component two-way model that delivers exceptional sound and high power handling. Some of the more popular features of this speaker includes the reliable sound; satisfying performance; impressive woofer voice coil; and controlled flow during musical playbacks. The suggested retail price of this particular model runs about $280.

Type-S alpine car speakers differ from other selections because they possess a larger voice coil accompanied by a silk soft-dome responsible for producing a decent sound quality. Previous consumers are interested in taking advantage of the sleek aluminum appearance of the speaker, created to assist in improving the dispersion of sound. This kind of Alpine car audio speaker comes in an array of sizes to generate the best fit for a vehicle. Usually, consumers are interested in this type of speaker when they are looking to slowly upgrade their factory speakers without relying on an overly expensive replacement.

An example of a Type-S Alpine car speaker includes the Alpine SPS-10C2 speaker for $80 – a 4" coaxial two-way speaker with a rigid, steel frame woofer including a large square-wire short voice coil. The tweeter of the SPS-10C2  is comprised of a silk soft dome and neodymium magnets. When looking for a three-way speaker, the Alpine SPS-69C3 6x9" coaxial three-way speaker (~$140) delivers improved high-quality sound from the Type-S coaxial and component speakers. A deeper bass and higher power handling is also a nice feature of this sort of car speaker. Other Type-S Alpine car stereo speakers to look out for that also provides users with a satisfying swivel tweeter design include the SPS-17C2, SPS-13C2, and SPS-57C2.

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