Car Audio System Review

Blaupunkt Car Audio System

The Blaupunkt Car Audio System Range: Review The Blaupunkt Car Stereo Options!

When looking for innovation, excitement, and fun in the accessories you place into your vehicle, you might not have to look any further than a Blaupunkt car audio system. With an assortment of MP3 tuners, DVD tuners, CD tuners, and cassette tuners – there are plenty of approaches one may consider when looking to outfit a vehicle with the latest in sound technology. Below you will encounter an exciting collection of Blaupunkt car audio system options to mull over when you are ready to heighten your overall driving experience:

Blaupunkt Memphis MP66

The Memphis comes with a powerful 4-channel amp and all-digital DigiCeiver tuner that pushes the envelope in performance with inviting features including a motorized face, TFT full graphic display (with the capability to highlight your favorite photos), and a USB port that increases the amount of digital music and picture possibilities. Bluetooth users will also enjoy the ability to add wireless integration for cell phones.

Blaupunkt Hamburg MP57

The audio and media features of this particular model have gained a reputation in delivering uncomplicated in-car mobile phone integration with an alluring design. Consumers can take advantage of the integrated Bluetooth compatibility and front-panel aux input (enables Plug & Play compatibility). Drivers who are constantly on the move seem to best benefit from the Hamburg, which has gained praise for both decent value and convenience.

Blaupunkt London MP37

When looking for a Blaupunkt car audio system that couples style with easy operation, it is this player (with CD and MP3 capabilities) that offers a 4,096-color Variocolor display with the possibility of loading a lot of extra styling choices. Previous consumers have enjoyed the three-band equalizer; Plug & Play compatibility with portable devices; and handy iPod and Bluetooth capabilities.

Blaupunkt Melbourne SD27

With this Blaupunkt car audio system, there is no longer the hassle of handling more than one compact disc as you travel down the open road. The power of toting an entire music library conveniently fits in a portable MP3 player – the size of your palm. Additional features include the familiar front-panel Plug & Play input; direct access to MP3 and WMA files; iPod control; and the opportunity to take advantage of Bluetooth while on the go.

Blaupunkt Long Beach DVD35

When purchasing the ultimate in multimedia packages, how can you resist the Blaupunkt car audio system that comes with the ability to process all current formats (including DVD, CD, MP3, WMA, and Giga MP3)? Not only is the sound quite powerful, but also the picture quality. Other features to look out for includes two AUX inputs (which allows integration with in-car video or satellite tuner), composite video output, 4-channel preamp, file browser, and up to ten hours of MP3 music when using one CD-R/RW. With the use of one DVD-R/RW – 40 hours of music is allotted. A convenient IR Remote is also included.

Blaupunkt Laguna CD36

Unlike many other models on the market, the Laguna Blaupunkt car audio system has managed to provide users with a CD drive that doesn’t shake or cause any shock to the system. With easy operation and high function qualities, this CD tuner offers one-touch convenience with the Sound Preset function that allows you to easily shift between ideal frequencies associated with rock, pop, or classical music. Other features to consider include a four-channel preout for system expansion, AUX input, and 4,096 customizable colors for unique dash lighting creations.

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