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Car Speaker System

Choosing A Car Speaker System

 You’ve bought a killer car radio, but your speakers are leaving a lot to be desired in quality.  Your compact disks sound like old LPs thanks to the crackling and popping of the cheap car speakers in your vehicle.  It’s time to look into replacing them and getting your car hopping with your music once again. An upgrade to your car speaker system is the perfect solution.

You may not know anything about woofers and tweeters, but that is not necessary in order to get a new car speaker system.  The first thing anyone looking for speakers needs to do is measure the size of the old speakers.  You do not want to have to start cutting the dashboard or that area between the rear glass and you backseats.  By knowing what size you need going into the electronic store will cut down your shopping time considerably.

You do have to take into consideration that the way the speakers sound in the store is going to be different than how it sounds in your car.  The shape of your vehicle has a lot to do with the way the music ebbs and flows within the confines of the car or truck.  In essence, you’re taking a chance on a good sounding car speaker system sounding just as good once it’s installed in your car.  If you’re willing to take that chance, look for a set of speakers that has a good overall quality, not too high and not too low in the size and price range you want to spend. A cheap car audio speaker system is not always the best solution if it detracts from the sound quality.

Another addition to your car speaker system is a subwoofer.  Subwoofers make your bass louder and deeper, and improve the overall roundness of sound.  Where you mount your subwoofer will depend on how much space you have available.  You can find them in a variety of shapes and sizes, from boxes to tubes to small units that fit beneath the seats.  No matter what type you choose, always make sure you securely mount it in your vehicle.  You do not want to have to rewire the unit if it comes loose from hitting the brakes, nor do you want it flying through your vehicle to take you in the head.

Make sure the car sound speaker system you choose will work with the main stereo system you have installed.  You do not want to use speakers with a wattage that is too high for the receiver unit to drive.  Speakers that do not carry enough wattage will give you a weak sound.  Check the receiver specifications for the proper energy needs when looking into the speakers.

It is better to purchase your speakers from an authorized dealer and if possible, let them install and mount your car speaker system.  This will help insure the integrity of the manufacturer’s warranty and if anything happens during installation, they are responsible for replacing the speakers or parts.  They also have the proper wiring and mounting brackets.

Test a variety of speakers to find the brand that sounds the best to you.  Don’t be afraid to ask your friends with a great car stereo system what they bought so you know what to look for when shopping around.  Off brand speakers have a tendency to sound less full than brand name ones and you are going to want speakers that will hold up to the volume levels you enjoy.  Take your time and do some research and you will find speakers that will fit you car listening needs.

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