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Custom Car Audio System

Essential Considerations For Selecting A Custom Car Audio System

There is nothing like heading out on the open road on a trip with the music playing and singing at the top of your lungs with your favorite songs.  Any discerning music fan will want to make sure they have a good stereo system in their vehicle that will keep them happy as they travel. A custom car audio system can be setup to suit every budget and taste.

Today, most custom car audio systems come with compact disk players, FM or satellite radio, and possibly even the ability to hook up an iPod or MP3 player.  Many even come with the capability of being able to power a DVD player or video game console that will keep the kids in the back seat entertained. 

Of course, when designing your custom car audio system, you pretty much have free control over what you want to include.  Researching everything you need and want is a good way to get started.  Visit various electronics shops, such as Circuit City or Best Buy, and listen to the car stereo systems they have on display there.  Ultimately the custom car stereo system you purchase is going to come down to personal preference, but if you going to invest in a good system, you want to take your time and do your research.

If you’re planning on new speakers, make sure you know how big the current speakers in your vehicle are.  The last thing you really want to do is start cutting your car or truck up to fit too large speakers.  Listen to a variety of different speakers and try to find the ones that do not have too much treble or too much bass.  Something right in between is perfect for a good, all around sound.  Also, if you are considering a subwoofer, make sure you purchase an additional amplifier if the subwoofer does not have one built in.  Measure carefully and determine if the subwoofer you plan on getting will need to be custom installed or if you can easily take care of it.

Your stereo itself is probably the number one component you will need to look into.  There are many varieties to choose from, from a basic CD player with FM radio all the way to models that have interactive screens, built-in DVD players, and GPS tracking.  Even the most basic custom car sound system can be used with an MP3 player or iPod with the proper attachment and mid-range stereos, pricing around $450.00, come with the adapter and even Bluetooth capability.

An installation kit and wiring harness will also be needed, so your research need to include proper measurements of the space the new radio will be installed.  You do always have the option of picking out the components and having it professionally installed as well, as many places offer free installation if you buy them there.  If you decide to install the stereo yourself, don’t forget things like wiring and accessories.  You are not going to want to have to make a quick trip to the store to get these while your car’s torn apart.

A lot of what goes into designing a custom car audio system falls into personal preference.  A good receiver that pushes enough power to good speakers and subwoofer will set you around $600.00.  So go ahead and find the components you need and then enjoy the sound around you.



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