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Custom Car Sound Subwoofer System

Essential Factors For Selecting A Custom Car Sound Subwoofer System

Having a good car stereo is only as good as your speakers.  Even the cheapest stereo can sound good when you have the right equipment in your vehicle.  Of course, some of the best stereos are ones that have a car subwoofer system added to the total surround sound of the car.

Subwoofers are the single speakers that drive the bass in your music.  Most standard vehicle speakers are somewhere between 3-1/2” to 6-1/2” and are designed to pick up the treble and mid-tones of whatever type of music you are listening to.  They are not able to handle the full thump-thump of the bass as a subwoofer can.  Depending on how much bass you want determines how big a subwoofer you purchase.  Be forewarned now: subwoofers are not cheap and you can expect to spend at least $300.00 for a decent one.

Space is always a consideration when researching and buying custom car sound subwoofer systems.  If you know that the only place you have enough room to mount a subwoofer is in the trunk of your car, then you want to look for an enclosed type of subwoofer.  If your vehicle came with a subwoofer and you are simply replacing it, then you need to make sure you purchase a new one that fits in the old spot.  These are considered custom subwoofers and you are going to want a professional to install them.

Powered subwoofers come in their own cases, have built-in amplifiers, and are easy to mount.  You do not have to worry about building a case for them and the standard types fit easily in the trunk of your vehicle or behind a seat with very little problem.  Bazooka Bass Tubes, Infinity BassLink, and Kenwood WooX are three of the most popular brands.  Bazooka Bass Tubes are designed to go in the trunk while the other two can be mounted in a small space, such as under the seats.

When you install your custom car sound subwoofer system, always make sure you use the included straps to mount it.  Make sure your current stereo system will hook into it easily and seamlessly.  Many of the subwoofers will come with wiring harnesses to do just that.  By securing it to your vehicle, any sudden stops or jarring will not only keep the device in place, but also keep the wires from jerking free and ruining your sound.

Custom car sound subwoofer systems come in a variety of materials and there is a lot that goes into deciding what to purchase.  For example, do you want the cone to be Kevlar or aluminum?  What about rubber surrounds?  Does it have a built-in amplifier?  If you find all of this confusing, then visiting your local electronics store will be the safest bet.  Also, by doing that, you can hear the way the subwoofers sound and decide which one is right for you.

Some of the most popular subwoofers that are fairly inexpensive but give you the most thumps for your buck are made by MTX and Infinity, coming in at just under $300.00.  Polk makes some of the best top-end car speaker and subwoofer systems, running right around $400.00.  If the subwoofer you’re looking for is a replacement, expect to pay a bit more due to the size and space constraints you are going to have to deal with.

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