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Kenwood Card Audio System

The Kenwood Card Audio System Range: Review Kenwood Car Stereo Models

Kenwood has been involved with consumer electronics for over forty years, bringing the first audio and video home theatre systems into home in 1981.  They were also the first company to introduce an anti-theft system to car stereos, the fist being a cassette deck that completely slid in and out of the dashboard.  By 1983, Kenwood car audio systems became some of the best radios money could buy.

Kenwood has kept up the tradition – in both car stereos and home entertainment systems – and has been able to stay with the current technology on the market today, especially when it comes to car stereos.  Whether they are CD players, multimedia units, or designed for iPods, there is something for everyone in Kenwood’s line of products.

A very interesting product produced by the company is the Kenwood Music Keg.  This small device works with any Kenwood stereo system.  Similar to a MP3 device, it hooks up to your computer and allows you to download up to five thousand songs in MP3, WMA, and FLAC format.  There is a command that will announce the song title for you before playing.  Unfortunately, there was no price available for this wonderful device and if you are able to find one, let’s hope it’s not outrageously priced.

Kenwood is one of the few companies that also still produce cassette decks for your vehicle.  The Kenwood KRC-235 is an AM/FM radio and cassette deck with presets on it so that you can use and control an external device such as a CD player.  It is one of the three models that Kenwood still makes and prices at around $200.00.

The Kenwood KVT-617DVD7” Multimedia car audio system is an interesting find with its retractable 7” touch screen monitor.  It is capable of playing DVD’s, CD’s, MP3, and WMA.  It is satellite and HD radio-ready, has 3 sets of preamp outputs, a remote, and changer control.  It prices anywhere from $599.00 to $799.00.  One downfall to this product is that according to some reviews, the DVD unit will not work if the vehicle is in drive.  Many of the DVD units are designed for long trips and viewing by passengers, but as long as there is a chance that the driver could be distracted by it, Kenwood keeps safety clearly in mind.

Other Kenwood car sound systems come with CD players that can also take USB devices, Bluetooth capability and cassette decks.  Prices will very on the makes available so you should check on line if you know the system you wish to purchase, or at your local electronics store.

It is best to listen to the many makes and models of Kenwood car audio systems before making a final choice.  What may sound very good to you will not sound good to someone else.  Test drive the radio at your local electronics store and make you decision based on the unit that gives you the best sound and the features you are looking for the amount of money you wish to spend.  If installation is free, allow the professionals to install your system.  Then sit back and enjoy the way your music sounds coming from your new Kenwood car stereo system.

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