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Pioneer Car Audio System

Pioneer Car Audio System: A Review Of Popular Pioneer Car CD Receivers

Over the years, cutting-edge technology has paved the way in elevating the listening pleasure of drivers who wish to equip their automobile with a Pioneer car audio system. With a host of options to consider, there are two main receivers you will encounter within this product line: AV and CD. It is through these sources of a Pioneer car audio system that a range of customizations and features allow you to utilize an array of everyday resources.

Depending on the Pioneer AV receiver you select – access to DVD video playback, satisfying screen sizes, iPod control, and Bluetooth capabilities are effectively delivered. With a CD receiver, you may take advantage of features, such as full-color animated displays, iPod compatibility, the luxury of Bluetooth, and MP3 playback. To get an idea of the Pioneer car audio systems awaiting your vehicle – take a look at the following popular Pioneer car CD receivers found on the market:

Pioneer DEH-P980BT Car Receiver

With a customizable full-color OEL display, this Pioneer car sound system is considered an attractive addition to any car. Consumers especially enjoy the iTunes AAC receiver complete with built-in Bluetooth wireless technology. A rotary commander permits convenient file searches. For about $570, you can install this system in your dashboard – illuminating your space with brightly displayed animated graphics and multi-colored 3D imagery.

Pioneer FH-P4200MP Car Receiver

While the majority of car audio systems usually display dark shades, such as black faceplates, this attractive silver receiver with lime green accents could make an eye-catching addition to your vehicle. After installing the in-dash Double-DIN CD/cassette receiver, prepare to gain access to iTunes AAC Playback, MP3/WMA/ WAV Playback, and satellite capabilities. The Apple iTunes AAC compatibility is a unique treat for users, who enjoy working with an iTunes Media Player, which also coincides with your personal computer, iPod, and other CD creations. The suggested price for this model is $380.

Pioneer DEH-P590IB Car Receiver

This Pioneer car audio system is compatible with CD, MP3, WMA, WAV, and iTunes, as an intriguing feature of this model is the" iBus" (iPod Direct Control) – made possible through a handy cable that comes with your unit. The 7-Way Rotary Commander delivers convenient control that is backed by a 2-year warranty – all for about $240. Additional features include the Pure Blue OEL Display; enhanced control and operation; and a 10-Key Remote Commander.

Pioneer DEH-1900MP Car Receiver

When working with a smaller budget, try considering the DEH-1900MP in-dash model with CD, MP3, and WMA receiver compatibility that allows you to connect to your portable devices with the help of front AUX input.  The operation is easy – all made possible with the use of a large rotary volume. The included wireless remote control also comes in quite handy. For added security, a detachable faceplate helps deter thieves – all for $100.

Pioneer DVH-P5000MP Car Receiver

When looking for a Pioneer car audio system that elevates the overall look and capabilities of your vehicle, this DVD/CD receiver offers "Dual Zone Capability." What more could you ask for in a Pioneer car stereo system that accommodates DVD video, video CD, CD, and CD with MP3 playback? Additional features include a card remote control; optical digital output; and high-quality programming (courtesy of satellites). With a price tag of $600, this model is well worth the extra pocket change.

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