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Pioneer Car Speakers: Review The D, A, G Pioneer Car Stereo Speakers

Joining the vast selection of Pioneer car speakers, the company with a grasp of innovative technology has gained a reputation in many different circles, including car audio, home entertainment, and navigation. A satisfying assortment of car speakers is found under the Pioneer line of products with selections including the PRS Series, D-Series, A-Series, and more. When you're looking to go beyond the capabilities of limited factory speakers, Pioneer car stereo speakers come highly recommended.

Before you enter the ins and outs of purchasing new speakers for your car, consider navigating the following options that represent the vast collection of models that Pioneer is responsible for manufacturing:

Pioneer PRS Series Speakers

The Pioneer TS-C720PRS car speakers measure 6-3/4" and offers a speaker package powered by a maximum of 200 watts with 50 watts serving as nominal power. The sound design is praised for its smoothness – backed by an audiophile-grade crossover network. A glaring feature of this model is the Micro Fiber Surround in the woofer that presents the latest material responsible for developing a decent lightweight product. In the end, this feature puts an end to a tainted vibration system that users often fear encountering. The suggested price for the Pioneer TS-C720PRS car speakers is around $550.

Pioneer D-Series Speakers

When looking at this high-quality line of Pioneer car speakers, you will truly enjoy the affordability and sound output of such a product. With the Pioneer TS-C130R car speakers, this 5¼" REV component speaker package is responsible for 180 watts of maximum power with 40 watts nominal power. For $280, previous consumers have taken pleasure in the following features: Kevlar Brand Fiber Composite Cone Woofer; lightweight 1" soft dome tweeters; and a convenient Voice Coil Cooling System (also known as VCCS), which decreases the level of heat that permits louder and longer play.

Pioneer A-Series Speakers

When looking to bring a clean, crisp sound to your vehicle, this line of Pioneer car speakers accommodates a satisfying level of power handling. For instance, the $80 Pioneer TS-A1371R car speakers are a 5¼" 3-way speaker equipped with a maximum power output of 180 watts with 35 watts nominal power. An impressive aspect of this model is the Composite IMPP (Injection-Molded Polypropylene) Cone with Interlaced Dual Aramid Fiber that weighs less and delivers better support. The result is tighter sounding bass – packed with impressive power.

Pioneer G-Series Speakers

When looking for a decent price without compromising sound, the G-Series will uplift the sound quality of your vehicle with models, such as the Pioneer S-G6841R car speakers for $60. With this 6" x 8" 2-way speaker, you will encounter a maximum power of 150 watts with 30 watts nominal power. Some consumers are pleased with this line of custom-fit speakers that Pioneer offers, such as this selection that conveniently fits the typical Ford or Mazda. Additional features include a 1-3/16" PEI Balanced Dome Tweeter and IMPP Composite Cone Woofer in a stylish shade of metallic silver.

While there are plenty of other Pioneer car speakers to browse, also keep in mind that there is a collection of customized Pioneer car audio speaker selections to consider that match a variety of size limitations and budget accommodations.

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