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Sony Car Audio System Reviews: Sony Car Sound System Receivers

 When looking for a way to create a more pleasing atmosphere within your car – a Sony car audio system can help by providing you with a name brand you know and trust. As you begin a search for a potential model to call your own – don’t forget to check out the latest in Sony car audio system selections in the current line known as: Sony CDX-GT CD Receivers. In this series of car audio products, there are plenty of consumers who stand to benefit from an installation of this type of Sony unit.

If you are looking to replace a head unit and wish to take advantage of a decent blend of features paired with reasonable value –  a Sony car sound system is certainly a worthy choice. If you own, create, or play compressed media (like WMA, MP3, AAC, and/or ATRAC3 plus files), then the features offered through Sony car audio systems will prove quite rewarding. Also - those who own or plan to purchase a portable media device will also find the CDX-GT line of recievers a satisfying commitment.

Exploring the CDX-GT Line of Sony Car Audio Systems

In the CDX-GT line of Sony car audio systems, there are four models (GT110, GT210, GT310, and GT510) to consider that come with an assortment of common features. All models provide car owners with a detachable faceplate; easy-to-read displays; four-channel high power; aux in front panel jack; built-in EQ; various CD playbacks; drive-S chassis; handy knob volume control; and a convenient pause function. With an SSIR-EXA Tuner, there are 18 FM and 12 AM presets that deliver BTM (known as best tuning memory). When choosing one of these Sony car audio systems, the GT110 (~$65) is the most basic unit on the market.  

A purchase of the Sony CDX -GT210 car audio system (~$80) is equipped with 50W x 4 high power and allows users to play MP3 or WMA encoded CD-R discs. Additional features include CD text and ID3 tags that display the title of a song, artist, and album. A convenient clock keeps drivers abreast of the time.

With the Sony CDX-GT310 car audio system (~$100), this 52W x 4 high power unit provides a driver with two-volt, 220 Ohm preamp outputs. Additional features not found in other models include iPod control capability, UniLink control, and the possibilities of SIRIUS and XM satellite radio. A supplied wireless card remote also comes with this Sony car audio system.

The Sony CDX-GT510 (~$125) car audio system offers an enhanced set of features that includes a full-motion dot matrix FL display, flip-down detachable faceplate, red and green illumination, and the ability to play ATRAC3 plus files, MP3, WMA, and AAC file formats.

Things to Keep in Mind

As you approach the purchase of a Sony car audio system, there are a few things to consider. For starters, not all models are compatible to work with all formats associated with recorded CD-R discs. If this is a concern for you – it is important to note all of the capabilities of a potential unit. Some systems require a control adapter for your iPod that is sold separately. For satellite capabilities, you must subscribe to satellite radio in order to receive the benefits and should acquire a radio antenna that is also sold separately.

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